PDA Uniform Policy

All PDA Players need to purchase a full adidas PDA kit that is chosen by NVSC.  Details of what a player purchases can be found at the links below.

When accepted to PDA a player will be given a PDA jersey number, this number will be theirs while they are in PDA.  The reason that the club picks out the numbers is to organize the numbers in a way that if we need a player to guest play with one of the travel teams there will be no conflict.

Starting this year once a player purchases the PDA uniform kit they can use that kit while it fits him/her while they are in PDA even over multiple years.  Once the player ages out of the PDA program and then moves onto the NVSC program a new uniform kit will need to be purchased and the player will pick their jersey number for travel according to NVSC jersey number policy.

PDA Boys Uniform Kit

PDA Girls Uniform Kit

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