Super Y League Coaching Slate 2018

2008 Girls - Rody Vargas (Head Coach) and Carlos Cartagena (Assistant Coach)

2008 Boys - Rody Vargas (Head Coach) and Brandon Webster (Assistant Coach)

2007 Girls -  Nicole Schweitzer (Head Coach) and Carlos Cartagena (Assistant Coach)

2007 Boys - Brandon Webster (Head Coach) and Marc Abel (Assistant Coach)

2006 Girls - Marie Schweitzer (Head Coach) and Nicole Schweitzer (Assistant Coach)

2006 Boys - Marc Abel (Head Coach) and Brandon Webster (Assisant Coach)

2005 Girls - Eber Martinez (Head Coach) and Marie Schweitzer (Assistant Coach)

2005 Boys - Marc Abel (Head Coach) and Hans Etienne (Assistant Coach)

2004 Girls - Patrick DaCosta (Head Coach) and Jimmy Toms (Assistant Coach)

2004 Boys - Eber Martinez (Head Coach) and Carlos Cartagena (Asssistant Coach)

2003/2002 Girls - Patrick DaCosta (Head Coach) and Jimmy Toms (Assistant Coach)

2003/2002 Boys - Hans Etienne (Head Coach) and Eber Martinez (Assistant Coach)

Coaching Slate is subject to change.

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