2020 - 2021 Travel Team Tryouts

NVSC is pleased to announce the start of the 2020 - 2021 Travel soccer season. We have  posted the NVSC Technical Staff slate and our Coaching slate.  NVSC is committed to providing a quality travel program run by highly qualified Technical Staff and Coaches.

We have tryout dates as follows:

June 30th and July 2nd on Hellwig Park Field 8A/B at 7:15pm for the following openings:

U9 (2012) Boys and Girls

U10 (2011) Boys and Girls

U11 (2010) Boys

U11 (2010) and U12 (2009)Girls

June 30th and July 2nd on Hellwig Park Field 7A/B at 7:15pm for openings in the following groups:

U13 (2008) Girls

U14 (2008/2007) Boys

U15 (2006) Boys and Girls

U16 (2005) Boys and Girls

U17 (2004) Boys

U19 (2004/2003) Boys

The tryout process will be as follows:

  • NVSC recreational players interested in playing travel should contact our Technical Directors at tryouts@novasc.org and register on the NVSC website (www.novasc.org).
  • Players outside of NVSC looking to tryout should contact our Technical Directors at tryouts@novasc.org and register on the NVSC website (www.novasc.org).

Message from our TDOC


Northern Virginia Soccer Club’s (NVSC) Technical Director, Hans Etienne here. I would like to personally invite you to join our family this upcoming fall. With a highly experienced coaching staff, membership in the most competitive league in the region (CCL), and some of the best facilities in Prince William County, NVSC is the best place for you to develop as a player.

We are extremely excited to get back on the field and want you to be there with us. Register button below to register for Trave Tryouts and join our family!

Questions can be directed to Hans Etienne or Marie Schweitzer at tryouts@novasc.org


Travel Program


The vision of the NVSC Club Travel Program is to provide quality coaching, both technically and tactically, in a safe and constructive environment so that each player has the opportunity to develop his or her skills to the highest level of the individual’s ability. Coaches, trainers and administrators will strive to instill a competitive spirit, excellent work ethic, good sportsmanship and an appreciation for the game at an advanced level. 
We instill a love for the game in our young players and cultivate that passion as each athlete matures.  We build pride in our individuals, our teams, and our club.  We foster an environment that allows each player to experience the thrill of competition and participation, and the challenge of improvement.  NVSC take pride in the growth of club members as athletes, students, and responsible young men and women. 


Youth players develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally at different times. Long-term player development is the number one goal of the Northern Virginia Soccer Club.  Two to three teams will represent the club at the developmental stage in each age group under the Club team name NVSC Blue - White - Gold.  Furthermore, NVSC player development program encompasses Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological aspects of the game that are specific to each stage and each age group and that ensure adequate player development and progress over the entire course of the program. Each category has its own guidelines that detail; philosophy, team goals, number of practices a week, number of tournaments, winter/summer training requirements.


-      U9-U11: The goal of this stage is to provide ample opportunities for players to build a solid foundation that will ensure their future success. While teams always compete to win games, results are not important. During training sessions players work on learning soccer fundamental techniques outlined in our NVSC Player Development Pyramid below. and are, then, encouraged to try them in league and tournament play. During games players are encouraged to take risks, to try out different things and to play with emotional freedom without undue pressure of winning games from coaches and parents.

-      U12-U14: During this stage the pace of player development quickens due to the acceleration of physical and mental maturation. Main emphases are on the development of individual skills under pressure of time, space and an opponent. During training sessions and games, players are encouraged to solve various problems (decision making) within the context of the game or a particular situation on the field. Team tactics and various systems of play are introduced into the training program. The game should remain fun and enjoyable and players should have a passion for the game.

-      U15-U18: This stage of player development is characterized by demanding and challenging training sessions and competitive matches. All individual skills are practiced, for the most part, at match speed and under match conditions. Coaches demand excellence from players in all aspects of individual skills while understanding that mistakes will happen. Training sessions involve technical functional and tactical functional training and a great deal of coaching is within 9 v 9 or 11 v 11 situations.

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