Welcome to the Recreational Practice Request Area

First things first, thank you so much for volunteering to coach this season.  We certainly can't have as great of a soccer club as we do have without your incredible help in coaching.

This area is for you to choose your 1st and 2nd choices for your practice days and times for this coming season.

You will see links to each District Practice Request form on the right hand menu...but first a couple of items.

You will need to choose the district that you are coaching in on the right hand menu.

This will take you to the correct practice request form for your district.  Most if not all practices will occur at the four parks we play our games at but if a park does fill up we have a couple of spill over sites so use, but normally we do not need to use those.

When you get to your form there are the normal questions such as your personal info (Name, Phone Number and Email address), we are asking this for this form as it is handy to have that info in the results that go to our scheduler.  You will also choose the Age Group and Gender of your team.  Then you will choose your 1st set of days and times and 2nd set of days and times just in case your 1st set is all taken.

For Hellwig and Valley View we would prefer the U13 and above teams take the practice slots that are 7pm or later.  If this is impossible for you that is fine but please note that the space you have to practice at the early times will be a smaller overall space.

When scheduling please pick the 1st Day of your weekly practice to be before your 2nd Day of weekly practice, it gets confusing when someone puts in Thursday as the 1st day and Tuesday as the 2nd day.

If you are going to practice once a week (for U5 and U6 teams might only want to practice once a week) just don't fill out the 2nd day request.

Please fill out the form on the right hand menu that matches the district you are coaching.

Thank you and we will be in touch with the rec coaches as soon as we get the slots filled.

Corky Webster

NVSC Operations Manager


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