NVSC Adult League Rules Updates

There have been some updates to the NVSC Adult Co-ed Rules of Play for Fall 2008.  Those updates are highlighted below.  You can download and print them for future reference through the link to the left or from the Forms link on the Arbiter Site.

Roster Checks - Roster checks are not mandatory.  Captains of each team will provide you a copy of the typed completed roster at least 15 minutes before the scheduled kick-off time.  You will not need to check identification, or player passes against the roster.  However if the opposing team captain requests a roster check, then you will need to check BOTH teams roster.  If for some reason the vailidity of a players registration is brought into question, you may also be asked to check the roster of a certain team before a certain match.  You will be notified of this via email or game notes used in Arbiter by the Referee Assignor.

Yellow Card Accumulation - The yellow card accumulation rule has been revised as well.  It is now three (3) yellow cards anytime during the season will require a one game sit-out by the offending player OR by receiving a yellow card in consecutive matches will also require a one game sit-out.  The 5 minute sit-out time for the issuance of any yellow card is still required by the Rules of Play.

Jewelry - We do allow some jewelry on the field.  As long as it is taped over with WHITE ATHLETIC TAPE, players can wear earrings.  This ONLY applies to the permanent style of earring.  There are several female players in our league that wear earrings that cannot be removed.  In these cases, we are allowing them to tape over the earrings.  Please refer to the Adult League Rules of Play document listed under the Forms section of Arbiter for clarification on this issue.

Metal Studs - Metal studs, as long as they are deemed safe by the Center Referee, are acceptable in this league.

Slide Tackling - There is no slide tackling in this league.  We all know that a slide tackle requires two players and the ball in order to be a slide tackle.  It is your decision as to whether it is excessive or serious foul play, if a player decides to leave his/her feet to execute a slide tackle.

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