2019 Spring Season Rule Changes

SFL Games (For NVSC Recreational U13 - U19)


Change: Goal Differential/Mercy rule - now requires a reduction in players starting at a four (4) goal differential, removing additional players as the goal differential increases and an automatic game termination when the goal differential reaches 8 goals. Once the game reaches an 8 goal differential (8:0, 9:1, 10:2, etc...), the referee should terminate the match.  Include in your report the game time when the match the was terminated 


Example: If you're 5 minutes into the 2nd half of a U14 game, the score is 9-2 and the winning team scores another goal - the goal differential is now 8.  Blow the whistle indicating the end of the match, note the time - inform the coaches that the match is terminated due to this rule. In your report indicate that the game was terminated due to the mercy rule in the 40th minute (35 minute halves, 5 minutes into 2nd half - 40th minute).


The coach or team captain man now implement the mercy rule at any time when the goal differential is 4 or more.  If this happens, include in your report that this was a coach initiated game termination, note the time as well. 


Reminder for CCL Games - all age groups:


Roster and Card verification/checks are not required.  These checks are conducted between team officials prior to the game.  You will still receive the rosters for both teams.  The only thing you need to confirm is if there are any players not on the roster that should have been added. 


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