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Thank you for visiting the NVSC Referee Website.  Here you will find most of the information needed to help make your referee season a HUGE success.  There is a lot of information on this page and the links to the right, so ensure you scroll down and visit our other pages so you don't miss anything.

If you are interested in becoming a referee, are currently a referee or have any questions about the information contained below, please feel free to contact the club referee assignor at - nvscrefassignor@novasc.org 


We use Arbiter to assign and manage games for the club, so if you are a new referee or new to our club you will need an account.  Our contact and information form can be accessed using the Arbiter Access (referee link above).  Once you've completed the form, send me an email to let me know.


The links within our referee section also contain important information about our club policies, operating procedures, modifications to the laws of the game for the various leagues, field locations and layouts in the park as well as referee tools and education.

Referee Game Cards - This is a great way to record your game details.  There are 2 versions (your preference), print and take with you to the field.  Record information during the game (scores, cards shown, issues with coaches, etc...) so you have a record to use when submitting your report in Arbiter. Each version prints as 3 cards per page.

We have added important information about Concussions in Soccer.  This information has been compiled from the work of US Youth Soccer and the CDC.

The Field Guide has summaries of the modifications to the Laws of the Game for the youth leagues U7 through U19.  Print a copy of the guide to have as a handy reference at the field.  It is designed to be either stapled into a booklet or hole punched and placed in the 5x8 three-ring binder. As the guide is updated, there will be a new version date at the bottom of the page. 

Though the field guide is a useful quick reference, each referee should familiarize themselves with the clubs full policies and procedures as well as the modifications to the Laws of the Game contained here and those for the various leagues for which you may be assigned SFL , ODSL, CCL and VAPL - to ensure you know the differences. Links are available to these sites and other documents.

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