Remembering a Friend - NVSC Volunteer and Referee

Remembering a Friend - NVSC Volunteer and Referee

An NVSC member has passed away, Jeff Loague our Referee Assignor has captured the memory of Richard Habib below:

It is with great sorrow and heavy heart that I am sending this message.  On the evening of Saturday, Oct 3rd, Richard Habib, a very good friend of mine, has passed away.  Richard was officiating a game for our club when he suffered a heart attack.  He was transported to Prince William Hospital where he later passed away.

Richard was known by many in our club as a coach, mentor, referee, friend - he has made a lasting impression on so many lives through his love for the game.  Richard has been a volunteer with our club for as long as I can remember.  This season he was coaching 2 recreational teams in the Valley View district.  He has been officiating games from U7 through U19 and mentoring several of our younger referees.  I can still hear him say "coach em up sir" as he was referring to some younger referees that needed a little confidence booster.  As you can tell, if it had something to do with soccer, Richard was involved.  

To say that Richard was one of a kind would be an undeniable understatement to all who interacted with him.  His continuous generosity, humor, wit, and the kindness he shared with those around him exist as only a few examples of the incredible person, father, and friend he was.  I remember reading something not long ago about those special people in our lives who never really leave us even after they are gone - that is how I remember Richard.  I miss him already. 

Richard is survived by a loving wife, (3) daughters, (2) sons, mother, brother, many extended family members, hundreds of soccer players, referees, and coaches within the club and others whose lives Richard touched.

A gofundme account for the family to assist with any expenses they will have has been setup, if you would like to help please use the link below:

us soccer


us youth soccer




dc united

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