NVSC Rain Policy

NVSC GAME DAY FIELD CLOSING. On Saturday and Sunday morning, the Prince William County Park Authority makes the field decisions at 7:00am.   The NVSC web site will be updated to reflect whether the NVSC fields are open or closed. Please check the web site for information concerning game status. 

Note: The announcements on the Park Authority line may state that they will re-evaluate the fields at noon. 

If the fields are closed at 7:00am and the Park Authority revaluates and opens the fields at 12:00pm on Saturday and Sunday we will stay with the announcement they make at 7:00am.

If the fields are open at 7:00am we will play the games but will listen to the updated announcement at 12:00pm and if the Park Authority closes the fields at 12:00pm then we will stop the games going on and cancel the games after Noon.

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