Field Location per Age Group/Divisions

Ali Krieger Complex

U14 Boys Silver

U14 Boys Bronze

U15 Boys Silver

U19 Boys Bronze

Chinn Park

U14 Boys Bronze 2

U15 Boys Bronze

U18/19 HS Girls Silver

Hellwig Park:

Front - U14 Girls Bronze, U15 Boys Gold

Back - U09 Boys Bronze, U10 Boys Silver, U11 Boys Bronze, U09 Girls Silver, U10 Girls Silver, U10 Girls Bronze

Howison Park:

U16 Boys Bronze

U17/18 Boys Silver

Long Park:

U10 Boys Bronze

U11 Boys Gold

U11 Boys Silver

U12 Boys Gold

U12 Boys Silver

U12 Boys Bronze

U11/12 Girls Bronze

U12 Girls Silver

Valley View Park:

U13 Boys Silver

U13 Boys Bronze

U19 Boys Silver

U13 Girls Silver

U14 Girls Silver

U15 Gilrs Silver

U16 Girls Silver

Veterans Memorial Regional Park

U13 Girls Bronze

U14 Boys Gold

U16 Boys Silver

U17 Boys Silver

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