General Information

2017 General Information
  • Application Deadline: Application MUST be submitted by September 14th, 2016 with mail-in payment received no later than September 16th, 2017. Applications are accepted online only. Full payment must be received before an application is considered to be complete. Teams that do not submit payment by September 16th, 2017 will be placed on a waiting list. (or email the tourney director if you are having trouble getting the payment in on time) No refunds will be issued once accepted.
  • Age Groups/Teams: Club teams U9-U19 boys and girls, with a maximum of five (5) guest players per team.  U9-U10 teams are allowed a maximum of 12 players, U11-U12 teams are allowed a maximum of 16 players, U13 teams are allowed a maximum of 18 players, and U14 teams and above are allowed a maximum of 22 players (guest players count towards the total number of players).  A player may be rostered to play on only one team during the duration of this tournament.
  • Entry Fee: U9-U10 is $775; U11-U12 is $815; U13-U19 is $935. All teams will be scheduled for a minimum of three games.
  • Game Length: U9 - U10 games are 25 minute halves; U11 - U12 games are 30 minute halves, U13 - U19 are 35 minutes halves.
  • Number of Referees: U9 - U12 games have one center ref, U13 - U19 games have one center ref and two AR’s.  We will be making every effort to provide 3 man crews for all U9 - U12 Semi-final and Finals but it is not guaranteed.
  • Number of Players: U9 and U10 shall have a maximum of 7 (seven) players on the field of play and no less than 5 (five).  U11 and U12 shall have a maximum of 9 (nine) players on the field of play and no less than 5 (five).  U13 - U19 shall have a maximum of 11 (eleven) players on the field of play and no less than 7 (seven).
  • Coaching Conflicts: Potential coaching conflicts may be submitted for consideration along with the application; no requests will be considered after the schedules are completed. Coaches are responsible for managing any conflicts that may arise.  The Head Coaches name has to be EXACTLY the same on both applications or the conflict will NOT be considered.  Also coaching conflicts for more than two teams are extremely difficult and there is a good chance that the deconflict for all three teams might not happen.
  • Notification of Acceptance: Teams will be accepted and will be notified latest by September 16th, 2017

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