Check In Requirements


Team registration will be handled on site 1 hour before the team’s first game on Saturday.

Necessary items for registration/check-in:

- 2x copies of the Official 2019/2020 team roster (roster to be used can be found on the NVSC Fall Classic Rec Tourney webpage) approved by your Club Registrar with guest players written in on the bottom of the roster (one of these will be given back to you and you will use it as the tournament roster)
- Medical Release form for each player including guest players (doesn't require notarization) (this is just to be seen during on site check in, we do NOT need to keep these), if you need a medical release you can use the one provided by the tournament located on the NVSC Fall Classic Rec tourney webpage.
- Official Player cards including guest player cards (again just to be seen, we do NOT need to keep these)

All teams must have player cards, Tournament roster and Medical release forms available for
review at each game.

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